Maine Black Bear Hunting and Eating

"Black Bear Hunting in Maine:
Info and Recipes"

Hunting black bear in Maine will get you lots of meat - Here are hunting tips and recipes from a Maine Citizen for Bear Hunting and Eating Bear.

Black bear hunting is supported by this Maine Citizen, along with all traditional hunting methods including bear hunting over bait, hunting with hounds, and bow hunting for bear.

Black bear are very difficult to hunt in Maine regardless of method. Only about one in four of all bear hunters are successful.

Maine has an increasing number of black bear, even as habitat in many parts of the state are cleared for housing and commercial real estate development. Bear can and do live right alongside us, but because they are very shy and secretive we rarely get the chance to see them. Their keen sense of smell and hearing alerts them to our presence long before we would get close to them.

Black bear are not just a prized hunting trophy. Bear provides excellent table fare in steaks, stews, sausage and roasts. Many great bear recipes are listed on this site.

"Bear Hunting Needs Your Vote"

Anti-hunting organizations from all across the United States are preparing a voter referendum that stops bear hunting in Maine. The issue will be on the November 2004 ballot.

Protect your hunting privileges by voting "NO."

Maine's local anti-hunting groups, "Maine Friends of Animals" and "Maine Citizens for Fair Bear Hunting", are backed by the very wealthy national group called the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS). HSUS provides money and manpower.

The Humane Society of the United States exists solely to stop all hunting in the United States. This includes bear hunting, duck hunting, rabbit hunting, moose hunting, coyote hunting, game bird hunting, and deer hunting. They also want to stop all trapping of any kind. Their strategy is to start with the least popular types of hunting, then take their success from state to state, and game animal to game animal, until all hunting is stopped.

The Humane Society of the United States is not like your local humane society. They do not shelter lost, stray or abandoned pets. They use a similar name as those worthy local animal shelters to fool you into donating lots of money. And lots of money they get too! HSUS raises fifty million dollars each year, and has assets of nearly one hundred million dollars.

HSUS plans to use this money to over run Maine citizens and fool them into living only the way HSUS chooses. This is not our way either. It is not the way most of us live, regardless of which state or country we are in.

"Vegan Lifestyle - Your New Way of Life"

In fact, most of the anti-hunting groups go way beyond just stopping us from hunting. They want us to eat only vegetables, and to live what is called a "vegan" lifestyle.

See for yourself! These anti-hunting, vegetarian, dictators will tell you all these same things. You don't have to take my word for it. Check out these quotes from the Anti's own websites.

Bear Hunter's Stew is a delicious favorite - You'll love it!

"Black Bear Hunting and Eating Black Bear"

We hope you enjoy the information here about black bear hunting in Maine and ways to prepare bear meat for eating. Bear is a delicacy. Enjoy!

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